Episode 8: Tribute to Benazir Bhutto (Click Below to Watch the Episode)

Benazir Bhutto was an iconic figure in Pakistani politics. She was the youngest female prime minister elected in the Muslim world. Her life was tragically taken away in a political assassination on December 27, 2007. Bhutto's assassination followed a string of tragedies to befall the Bhutto family, which included a politically motivated hanging of her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and revenge killing of her brother Murtaza Ali Bhutto. In this episode we broadcast Benazir's speech at North Carolina State University where she was invited by Dr. Afroz Taj in 2002. We will also feature excerpts from the last speech of Benazir Bhutto in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, hours before her assassination. Hosts, Afroz Taj and John Caldwell, have selected memorable film songs that Benazir Bhutto particularly loved. We have also included Bhutto's favorite poem "Hum Daikhen Gay" (We Will Witness) which was penned by the legenadary progressive poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz and sung by Iqbal Bano.